HydroMine Project


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Central Mininig Institute - National Research Institute (GIG)

GIG is scientific and development organization founded in 1945, subordinated to the Ministry of Economy. The Institute’s activity concentrates on the problems concerning energy technologies, mining engineering, work safety and environmental protection. The Institute provides services for all the branches of industry, including small and medium enterprises (SME), institutions and offices of the central and local administration as well as the foreign partners. GIG is one of the most acknowledged partner in such areas of activities as municipal and industrial waste management, material recycling, energy saving and management, optimization of water supply and sewage disposal, environmental monitoring, cleaner production problems, programs of sustainable development of municipalities and regions. The Institute is equipped with modern laboratories and computing facilities that rank among the best in Poland. In 2013 GIG completed a great research infrastructure project – the Clean Coal Technology Centre. Modern research laboratories are located in Katowice and in Mikołów.

GIG in HydroMine acts as the Project Coordinator. In addition, GIG is responsible for the experimental part of the project related to the development of the borehole RDF gasification process and environmental aspects of this technology.

Website: https://gig.eu/en


Dr. Krzysztof Kapusta, PhD
Head of Laboratory of Experimental Installations, Center for Climate and Renewable Energy Research

Główny Instytut Górnictwa
Podleska 72
43-190 Mikołów

Tel. +48 32 324 65 35
Fax +48 32 324 65 22
Email: k.kapusta@gig.eu

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Helmholtz Centre Potsdam - GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

The GFZ is Germany’s national research centre for Earth sciences. GFZ’s research focuses on the geosphere within the highly complex System Earth with its further subsystems, its interacting subcycles, and its wide network of cause-and-effect chains. This is done in a close interdisciplinary collaboration with the related scientific disciplines physics, mathematics, chemistry, and biology as well as with the engineering sciences disciplines of rock mechanics, engineering hydrology and seismology.

GFZ’s activities in the HydroMine project comprise the development and application of coupled thermo-hydro-chemical numerical models to optimise hydrogen recovery from RDF and support environmental risk assessments. GFZ is further responsible for techno-economic assessments including the HydroMine technology’s Life Cycle Analysis.

Website: https://www.gfz-potsdam.de/en/

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Istituto per la Tecnologia delle Membrane (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)

CNR-ITM is a leading Institute in the research and development in membrane science and engineering for promoting knowledge, innovation, high-formation and technology transfer. Membrane operations/processes (separators, reactors and photoreactors, condensers, distillers, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, crystallizers, emulsifiers, etc.) are investigated for various application fields such as gas separation, catalytic and photocatalytic conversion, water and wastewater treatment, bioartificial organs, biotechnology, food, etc. New polymeric, hybrid and inorganic membranes are also developed.

CNR-ITM in HydroMine is responsible of the design of downstream membrane-based process for H2 upgrading and CO2 separation and Dissemination Manager of the project.

Website: https://www.itm.cnr.it/index.php/it/


Dr. Giuseppe Barbieri
Tel: +39 0984 492029
Email: barbieri@cnr.it

Dr. Adele Brunetti 
Tel: +39 0984 492012
Email: brunetti@cnr.it

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Master Odpady i Energia

Master Odpady i Energia Sp. z o.o. is a company providing comprehensive services in the field of municipal waste collection and management. The company specializes in collection, recovery, disposal and selection of waste and in renewable energy. It is an enterprise providing comprehensive services to residents of 9 communes of the Silesian Voivodeship in the field of waste management. Master is a company managing municipal installations, i.e. mechanical and biological waste treatment installations and a waste landfill. Due to the specific nature of its activities, the Company’s primary goal is to meet all applicable legal requirements regarding environmental protection and in particular in the area of waste management.

Website: www.master.tychy.pl


Łukasz Tekeli 

Bartosz Gogol 

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Materia Nova

Materia Nova is recognized as a technological accelerator of sustainable innovations in the field of new materials and innovative processes. The approach of Materia Nova is based on an open and collaborative innovation. From the understanding of the problems and requirements of our customers, we jointly select the best scientific and technical solutions which are then tested on a pilot-scale before industrialization. The development and the service provided are always unique and customized and give effective solutions as well as a major competitive advantage to our customers. Our enlarged team of 270 experts and technicians has a large pool of cutting-edge equipment and a solid network of spin-offs (B-Sens, Ionics, Esix and NANO4), start-ups and industrial partners. Over the past 5 years, we have successfully completed no fewer than 200 projects in fields as varied as energy and the environment, metallurgy, chemicals (polymers, composites, plastics), transport and health.

In 2016, Materia Nova carried out a strategic repositioning of the ENERGIE programme in the field of Sustainable Energy Transition and Decarbonisation.

Hydromine project is part of this Energy programme. MANO contributes mainly to WP4 and is responsible for demonstrating the successful conversion of lean syngas into hydrogen-rich syngas with a good dissociation of CO2 into CO+O by using an innovative electric gas process called plasma-catalysis. MANO will provide the information required to ensure its contribution to other workpackages.

Website: https://www.materianova.be/en/


Ph.D. Fabrizio Maseri


Materials for Energy Applications

+32 65 55 49 27 / +32 474 95 03 77

3 Avenue Copernic – 7000 Mons 

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University of MONS (UMONS)

The University of Mons offers forty-degree programs within its six faculties and two Schools. UMONS is an university with more than 1,500 scientific, technical and administrative staff members including 900 researchers and 11,500 students whose more than 500 PhD.

UMONS hosts 102 Research Units and 3 Centers of Excellence.

The Thermodynamics Unit, involved in the HydroMine project, has R&D activities in the design of CO2 capture (adsorption, absorption) and utilization processes (CO2 to SNG, to methanol, or to e-kerosene), removing of acid compounds from natural gas or biogas, elimination of VOC from exhaust air by adsorption and/or catalyst and more.

UMONS in HydroMine is responsible of production of synthetic flue gases and  the development of  adsorption technologies using Metal-Organic Framework (MOF) for syngas/H2 purification and CO2 recover.

Website: https://web.umons.ac.be/en/missions/research/


Prof Guy De Weireld

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IPAS is a Belgian a re-start company with over 40 years of experience wet separation technology. With a background in coal washing and upgrading, IPAS applied wet separation internationally in different industrial challenges: coal washing, coal sludge recovery, bottom ash treatment, soil washing, glass recycling, food industry and concrete industry. IPAS developed WASTE  REFINERY as a sustainable and economically sound alternative to treat mixed waste steams (a.o. municipal waste). WASTE REFINERY uses the water content in the waste to purify and separate the mass in an inert fraction (to regenerate raw materials) and a calorific fraction (RDF). This RDF will be  the feedstock for gasification.

IPAS advocates total recovery and upgrading of actual and historical waste (landfill mining).

The main role of IPAS in HydroMine is the preparation of the feedstock for the gasification process and to research the market potential for developed technology.

Webste: www.ipas.world


Paul Boutsen
Tel + 32 477632920
Email: paul@ipas.world